This is not me. This is a lilac breasted roller. Photo by Lucas Burrard

This is not me. This is a lilac breasted roller. Photo by Lucas Burrard



I've been working as an artist in film and television for, oh, a long time. I've recently started directing and am loving the challenge and joy of bringing people together and characters to life.

I was born in Yokohama, Japan but did my first bit of growing up in Novi, Michigan, US. I fell in love with New York City at 19 and went to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I began my career by animating commercials during the day and making real money bartending at night in the Lower East Side.

But New York can be a cruel lover and eventually it was time for a change. I moved to Tokyo for my first television series, and then on to LA for my first film (Passion Play, which dubiously paired Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox as love interests . . . check it).

In 2010, a bizarre two weeks that started in Belize and ended in New Zealand saw the dawn of a new era - much much better coffee, breathtaking views, penguins, and a job at Weta Digital. I worked on lots of films and became a yoga teacher.

In 2015, a gig came up at Iloura in Melbourne, Australia and I took it. And promptly fell in love. Over the next two years I worked on independent projects, lost my two front teeth, nearly died in Singapore, and finally, in November 2016, signed a lease on a fantastic apartment in Melbourne. 

I am now working on independent projects at night, working for Iloura during the day, and hanging out with a very well fed pigeon named Ebony Joe on the weekends.

Thanks for stopping by! Say hi if you want!