Artwork by Hyuna Lee

Artwork by Hyuna Lee


MAR 2017: Just announced! Sketchfab and Artella are collaborating to create a short animated piece that can be experienced in VR! Very excited to be on the animation team for this one.

Read more about it here!



TED-Ed Passcode Riddle

Directed and animated this animated logic and math puzzle in collaboration with Ganesh Pai and TED-Ed. See if you can figure it out!



Was honored to be on the animation team for the opening short film for CTN Expo, directed by Tim Rudder and produced on Artella.

Duel has been featured on I.A. Magazine's Ten Best Animated Short Films of 2016, Brown Bag Film's Staff Pick of the Day, and TheCGBros channel.


TED-Ed Benjamin Banneker

Directed and animated this piece about the self-taught scientist and astronomer Benjamin Banneker for Black History Month in collaboration with Rose-Margaret Itua and TED-Ed.